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Roberta Redaelli la stilista

Fashion Designer

In her work Roberta Redaelli, designer of a brand that unites product originality, and innovative techniques and materials, has always been animated by great passion for quality and innovation.
She has a true passion for materials and shapes. Hence, her daring plastic shapes made of a material, tricot, that is flowing by nature, born of different experiences, but always true expression of her soul.

Roberta Redaelli storia


In 1988, after several years spent working as a textile designer, Roberta Redaelli decided to create her own brand, in order to better express her personal idea of fashion. In her vision, fashion should interpret the multifaceted reality of womanhood.

A keen interest in exotic cultures motivated the designer to focus on foreign markets. Thus, Roberta Redaelli embarked in a cosmopolitan adventure that has brought her to Asia and to the dreamy atmospheres of the Middle East.

The designer’s niche production is aimed at highly sophisticated, exacting customers. Her clients are both leading figures in European entrepreneurship, in international political and diplomatic world accustomed to always looking for the best fashion has to offer, without compromises and young women who want glamorous quality garments that emphasize their personality and make their style unmistakably unique.

Thanks to all these years of experience, the brand has become synonymous with top quality and research, in the best tradition of the Made in Italy.

Great Craftsmanship


The main characteristics of the brand are originality, creativeness, but also on-going material and technical research. The firm’s highly specialized personnel is responsible for the high quality standards of the finished products that testify to the company continuous engagement in favour of innovation. For its achievements the brand has been awarded in 2011 the prize for excellence in craftsmanship, in the category of innovation, by the administration of the Lombardy Region. In 2012 Roberta Redaelli has been awarded two first prizes for creativity and innovation of Confartigianato Lombardia e della Camera di Commercio.


Roberta Redaelli’s exclusive collections are entirely designed in-house and manufactured in the Lombardy district and, in particular, in the Como area, famous for its textile tradition.


Top notch fibres and yarns are processed and treated with the utmost competence and craftsmanship.


Our prints are unprecedented and exclusive. They are designed by our style office and are transferred on silk, jersey and printed knitwear, or used for intricate jacquards as rich as tapestries.


The close relationship with the silk and textile district of Como is a constant feature of the brand. The lively ties with the territory century-old tradition feed the creative process and produce contemporary interpretations of the glorious past of Italian fashion.

101% Made in Italy

Not only are all items by Roberta Redaelli 100% made in Italy, they are deeply rooted in the famous textile tradition of the town of Como. Roberta Redaelli’s collections are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy with top quality materials, based on original designs, in the best tradition of Italian handicraft.

Km zero

Strong ethical attention to the environment distinguishes our brand. Choosing suppliers from Como and Italy we significantly reduce the raw materials’ transportation. The Roberta Redaelli collections, moreover, are designed to last over time, drastically reducing the problem of disposal of textile products.


The Maison thrives on its passion for work. Working is for Roberta Redaelli a constant challenge, the reason to strive and do better.