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After years of research and experimentation, the brand has come up with an innovative knitting process.

The process, called DINAMI-TECS, allows to manufacture structured garments that offer the same shape and contour inalterability typical of rigid fabrics, combined with the stretch ability, elasticity and comfort of tricot items.
Thanks to new technologies it is possible to print DINAMI-TECS fabrics with innovative multicolor designs that revolutionize the very nature of printed items. In addition to DINAMI-TECS - that remains the core element of all collections - the brand relies on fine materials such as silk jersey and silk satin for a perfect interpretation of its idea of fashion and on experimental materials, such as Sensitive, that combine technical edge with versatility and comfort, for its most advanced solutions.


A lifestyle

Roberta Redaelli’s fashion is like today’s women: dynamic and constantly evolving.

Thus, DINAMI-TECS, far from being a mere knitting process, is a lifestyle.

The fashion in DINAMI-TECS is without linings and zippers and is able to preserve its structure even if forced into small suitcases, for a look which is comfortable and practical but at the same time refined and modern, for all those women who also do not want to travel giving up their style and a glamorous and seductive look. It is a perfect fashion for a modern, cosmopolitan woman, always with a suitcase in hand, ready to go from the office to a cocktail party in a few minutes. A woman who longing for versatile, classy items that do not crumple and are able change " skin "with a few tricks.

Research and Innovation

For Roberta Redaelli, research and innovation are key aspects, precious tools that allow to anticipate future market trends and to offer leading-edge products that women want, even before realizing they do.

For this reason, the firm has experimented with innovative materials, such as Bioceramics and Silver yarns, which have been proven to be beneficial for health.

Research and innovation allow the brand to meet the requirements of a most demanding clientele, for which it develops original solutions and customized products.

The aim is to offer a timeless elegance that goes beyond the trends of the day, clothes that can be worn on every occasion, because they can be transformed simply by changing a few details.

In times, in which everything is disposable, the brand returns to the traditional values of the great Italian tailoring tradition, focusing on quality, uniqueness and timeless elegance.
ricerca e innovazione