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Professional Corporate Wear -1 

The knowledge of the textile sector and the world of fashion have driven Roberta Redaelli toward developing a new department specialized in uniforms consultancy - “Professional Corporate Wear”.

The brand offers companies operating in the luxury sector a tailormade advice allowing them to stand out from their competitors through the uniqueness of their image, by way of  innovation, comfort and exclusivity of highly personalized uniforms with a great attention to details.

The preliminary study phase involves the company’s structure, needs analysis and priorities conducted onsite by the designer herself, in order to determine the right type of message to be conveyed to the customer’s target.

Once these first aspects have been defined, the institutional colors of the company together with the study of the uniforms of the various departments composing the staff, are studied. The choice of colors is fundamental because it determines the image that will be built and the concerning philosophy. For example, it is in this step that you decide if the staff should have a special prominence or if they should remain in symbiosis with the surrounding environment.

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Professional Corporate Wear - 2

Once the main aspects have been finalized with the Management, the designer will study and identify the lines and types of best performing materials for the departmental uniforms in addition to the best accessories that will complete and make each look unique. Nothing is left to chance, from the choice of jackets to outerwear, from dresses to trousers, from shoes to belts, passing through the smallest distinctive elements such as brooches, cufflinks, scarves or ties.

Roberta Redaelli Atelier designs exclusive motifs created ad hoc for the customer. These are printed on the chosen materials and are accompanied by accessories specially designed.

Assistance Service

Another very important aspect of the "Professional Corporate Wear" is the special Assistance Service that is guaranteed to customers. 

Both during the design and construction phase and after sales. The company is responsible for guaranteeing the customer any research service, management of relations with the suppliers involved and maintenance of the garments made exclusively. 

The customer is never left alone and is supported in every decision by Roberta Redaelli and her team of professionals. 

Among the after-sales services we find, for example, the re-fit of the garments and any maintenance operations.